Cajun Style Corn Soup
Dinner in a Pumpkin II
Brazil-nut date cake
Sirloin Shish Kebab
Cranberry Rum Brie
Ancient Bean soup
Butternut Squash
Italian Barley (Vegan)
Settlement Lobster Bisque
Spiced Peaches
Honey-Almond Parfait
Butterscotch Brownies
Fudge-Topped Brownies
Freezer Slaw
Carrots Marsala
Pheasant Breast with Cinnamon Marmalade
Uno`s Deep Pan Pizza
Pecan-Chocolate Chip Pie
Chicken Thighs In Cheesy Broccoli Sauce
Oven Easy Turkey& Potato Dinner
Pudding Cake
Noodles Alfredo
Rasberry Coil Coffeecake
Dak`s Ellen`s Favorite Oat Bran Muffin Bread (Bread Machine)
Mango Papaya Chutney
Molasses Barbecued Ribs
Gourmet Pork Chops
Coquilles St. Jacques Au Gingembre (Scallops with Ginger)
Cabbage Rolls with Sauerkraut& Pork
Tacos In Pasta Shells
Hungarian Cabbage Rolls
1981 World Championship Butterfield Stageline Chili
Pork with Red Chili Sauce
Eva`s Beans
Yemen Fatah
Grilled Tempeh with Red Onion & Eggplant
Title: Maple Tourlouche ( Upside Down Cake)
Ravine Brownies
Old-Fashioned Apricot Cookies
Libby Warriner`s Magic Cookie Bars
Golden 86 Bagels
Dear Abby`s Kentucky Pecan Pie
Chocolate Chiffon Cake
Best Chocolate Chip Cookies
"Brown Bag" French Apple Pie
Salmon Rollups
Creamy Smoked Salmon and Dill Tart
Baked coconut shrimp
Turkey empanadas
Chicken and parsleyed dumpling stew
Jalapeno salad dressing
Macaroon pie
Gnocchi alla romana
Lemon onion chops
Barbecued pot roast
Butterfinger Cookie Mix in a Jar
Ham and cheese strudel
Garlic ice cream
Chili Pork Chops
After dinner mint cookies
Jalapeno mustard
Pasta pomodoro pollo alla valdostana
Chevy`s fresh mex salsa
Jalapeno raspberry pepper jelly
Chocolate bark and variations
Melting moments bars
Coconut-pineapple cheesecake
Cottage cheese-dill bread
Pimento Cheese Spread
Fatfree Baking Powder Biscuits
Baked Flatbread With Garlic Lahsooni Naan
Five Spice Game Hens Siu Yeah Gai
Moms Dill Dip
Turkey Soup From Loren Martin
New Orleans Pork Sweet Potato Fruit Casserole
Arroz Con Pollo Stewed Chicken Rice 3
Chili A La Becker
Bbq Sauce