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Saucy apple tartlets for Easter roast lamb

Saucy apple tartlets for Easter roast lamb

  # 6oz (150g) plain flour
# good pinch of salt
# one and a half oz. (40g) margarine
# one and a half oz. (40g) white fat
# cold water to mix
# one quarter pint of apple sauce
# 4 tbsp. red currant jelly
# 4 tbsp. Mint jelly
  # Sift flour and salt; rub into fats, and mix with just enough cold water to form a dough then roll out thinly
# With a 3in. (7.5 cm) fluted round cutter, cut into 16 rounds, using up pastry trimmings as well
# Mould rounds carefully into tartlet tins


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Christmas Chocolate Mousse
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Saucy apple tartlets for Easter roast lamb
Saucy apple tartlets for Easter roast lamb
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Superb English Plum Pudding
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