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Curmudgeon Pickled Hash A La Al Martin


50 lb waller waller onions
1/4 lb pickling spices
1/4 lb crushed red peppers
10 gal red wine vinegar or ripple
5 lb sugar
2 1/2 gal water or more ripple
3/4 lb salt
25 lb fresh squidlets *
25 lb tofu cut into 1 cubes **
2 qt tabascar sauce
8 lb minced garlic
1 dash secret curmudgeon sauce ***

* Squid should be at least bait quality if fresh squid are not
available. ** Tofu should be freshly made to Al s personal
specifications. *** Al s Secret Curmudgeon Sauce really contains 1
Quart Sweat Sauce, 1 quart Nam Pla (Fish Sauce), 1 quart Wednesday s
Frosties, 1 Gallon Justin Wilson s Dehydrator Barbecue Sauce and six
dozen crushed Nieman Marcus $250.00 Cookies.


Servings: 100



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