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Tempeh Sandwich


1 piece tempeh -- about the
1 size of a
1 oil
1 tsp soy sauce
1 chopped onions and
1 mushrooms
2 slice bread
1 mayo or the equivalent
1 tomato slices/other raw
1 veggies as desired

1. (I usually use 2 pans (because I add an egg) but you can make
this with one.) Heat oil in pans, saute onions and mushrooms, put
aside when done.

2. Fry tempeh on both sides. When nearly done, add a teaspoon or so
of soy sauce to each side and turn over to cook (it will splatter).

3. While this is all cooking (and try to time it to all come out at
the same time), toast your bread and spread liberally with mayo (any
variety), spaghetti sauce or something gooey.

4. Construct a sandwich with bread, tempeh, tomato, onion/mushroom
mixture, and other veggies (optional). Serve hot.

Author s Notes: Here is one of my favorite recipes that use tempeh.

For an incredibly messy (and non-vegan) option, try adding a runny
fried egg to the sandwich stack. [BTW, it s messy even without the
egg - cut sandwich in half for easier eating]. Tempeh only keeps in
the fridge a couple of days. But it keeps in the free

Difficulty : easy. Precision
: approximate measurements.

Recipe By : Cyndi Norman [email protected]

Date: Tue, 9 Jul 1996 10:07:27





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