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Ross Family Favorite Turkey


1 fresh or frozen turkey
1 oil, or melted margarine,
1 or even mayonnaise or
1 honey
1 salt
1 pepper
1 paprika
1 garlic powder
1 poultry seasoning
1 stuffing/ gravy(optional)
1 onions, celery , carrots

Bring your turkey to room temperature. If frozen, thaw according to
label directions. An ice cold or very cold turkey does not roast
well. Some cooks rinse the turkey with water and pat it dry.When you
handle any poultry be very careful and clean with preparation and

Season the turkey inside and out liberally with the above seasonings.
If you want a stuffed turkey it is very convenient to use a
cheesecloth to enclose the stuffing for the turkey cavity. Stuff just
prior to baking.And remove the stuffing after baking.This avoids any
chance of spoilage and also aids in proper cooling of turkey and
stuffing. Liberally spread some oil or melted margarine etc. (
sometimes I even use mayonnaise or even honey ) over the seasoned
turkey. Use a large enough roaster pan to hold the turkey.

I place a layer of onions, celery and carrots beneath the turkey which
flavors the gravy for later. Place the roaster pan on the lower oven
shelf and start initial baking at preheated 375 to 400 degrees for 30
to 45 minutes. Then reduce the heat to 350 or 325 degrees to complete
the baking process. Baste frequently with pan juices and rotate the
pan several times for even browning. Generally allow 15 to 20 minutes
per pound for roasting.A stuffed turkey requires the additional time
per pound. I always use an oven thermometer; some turkey s have pop
up timers. When the turkey is finished cooking, allow to stand about
20 minutes to 1/2 hour before carving. Juices settle and it is much
easier to carve. I also enjoy decorating the turkey legs with foil
for a festive look.

Comment: This is my way of roasting a turkey and there are many other
favorite ways other cooks rely on .IUve tried many and rely on the
above for a juicy, well browned bird.





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