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Ginger Carrot Cake

Preheat oven to 350F. Lightly oil an 8x8 inch cake pan or a 9 inch round pan and dust with flour, shaking out the excess. Put the apple juice, oil, 1/2 cup of the raisins, the maple syrup, and orange zest in a blender and blend until smooth. Add the

Cheesy Sausage Strata

Grease a 10-inch deep-dish pie plate or a 9-inch square baking dish. Brown & crumble sausage in a large skillet; set aside. Spread bread over bottom of dish, top with sausage and grated cheese. Beat together remaining ingredients and pour over cheese and sausage. Bake at 350 degrees F. for 45 mi

Hobo Dinner

Bake at 375 degrees F for 75 minutes.

Peaceful Cabbage

Blend apples into puree, add remainder of ingredients. Blend 3-4 minutes. Chill and serve.

Bean and Bacon Salad

1. In a skillet over medium heat, cook the bacon until crisp. Drain, cool, and crumble. 2. In a small bowl, whisk together the vinegar, mayonnaise, and sugar. 3. In a large bowl, mix the bacon, kidney beans, cabbage, celery, parsley, and onion. Season with salt and pepper. Pour the

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Dissolve gelatin in boiling water. Add sherbet and mix well. When partially set, add mandarin oranges and fold in whipped cream. Pour into oiled quart ring mold. Chill. Serves 8.

Hawaiian Chicken Salad

In a medium bowl, beat cream cheese until fluffy. Mix in salad dressing and 2 tablespoons reserved pineapple juice. Stir in the pineapple tidbits, chicken, almonds, and grapes until evenly coated. Chill until serving.

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Avocado and Tomato Open-Faced Sandwich

Layer avocado,tomato,basil(if desired)and soy cheese slices on the lightly pre-toasted vegan bread. Place under broiler until cheese is melted. Add some fresh-ground pepper and eat. Nice lunch for friends. (Obviously just multiply the ingredients times amount of people.

Chives Parmesan Popcorn

Pop the popcorn. Melt the butter. Grind the pepper into the butter, (as much as you want). Chop the chives up and sprinkle on the top of the popcorn along with the grated cheese. Drizzle the butter mixture over the popcorn and salt.     strongS

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Chicken Breasts Stuffed W Garlic Ginger Ham

To prepare chicken breasts, place between sheets of waxed paper. Gently pound with a mallet until flat and tender. Sprinkle each with salt, pepper and lemon juice. Keep covered in refrigerator. To make stuffing, combine ham, garlic, ginger, half the tarragon and about 2

All Day Long Crockpot Beef

beef roast desired. 1. Cut beef roast into serving sized portions. Use more beef if you need more than 6 servings. Brown beef in a bit of vegetable oil, although you can skip this step if rushed for time. 2. Slice onion and separate into rings. Dice the peeled carrots,

Best Citrus Poppy Seed Cake

Basic Cake Mix: In large bowl, mix together flour, sugar, baking powder and salt until well combine. [To store: transfer to airtight container, store in cool dry place for up to 2 months. Stir well before using.] Makes enough for 4 cakes. Cake:

Chocolate Popcorn Fudge

Melt chocolate in saucepan. Add sugar, milk, water, butter, and salt. Boil to soft ball stage (234 238 F). Remove from fire. Add flavoring and popped corn. Cool to room temperature. Stir until creamy. Pour into well buttered, shallow pan. Cut in squares. Grace Viall Gray,

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Chicken In Wine

Cook bacon in 12 inch skillet until crisp. Drain bacon on paper towel reserving fat in skillet. Cook chicken in bacon fat about 20 minutes or until brown on all sides. Move chicken to one side of skillet. Add onions and mushrooms. Cook, stirring frequently, until mushrooms are

Crostini Di Lenticchie

In a large sauce pan heat oil and saute chopped veggies until lightly browned, about 7 minutes. Add lentils and broth and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and add basil, salt, pepper and bay leaf. Simmer until lentils are very soft, about 50 minutes. Remove the bay leaf and pure

Apple Thyme Jelly

1. Combine the cider, sugar and thyme in a 4 quart microwave safe bowl, and stir well. 2. Cook, uncovered, at full power (650 to 700 watts) for 10 minutes. Stir, return to the microwave, and cook until the sugar has dissolved and the mixture has reached a full rolling boil, abou

Gingered Rhubarb Apple Crisp

Place rhubarb, apples, 1 cup sugar, crystallized ginger, and 2 tablespoons flour in a large bowl and toss well. Turn into a greased 9" pie pan. Combine topping ingredients in a bowl and mix with a pastery blender until crumbly. Spread crumb mixture over rhubarb and apples a

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Harissa Korma

Place the chiulies in a processor and chop until coarsely ground. Add the other ingredients (except oil) and process until smooth. Store the sauce in a small jar with a thin layer of olive oil on top. Keep in fridge. Use as needed. Source: Harissa is hot pepper sauce fr

Garlic Potatoes

Peel potatoes. Gently boil salted water until barly tender. Drain. Put drained potatoes back into pan and shake over heat until they appear to have flours on the outside. Cool and thinly slice. Melt butter in large skillet. Add garlic through press. Season with salt and pepper.

Baked Crabmeat Avocado

Melt butter, add soup and simmer 5 minutes. Stir in crabmeat, milk, salt and pepper and simmer 5 minutes longer. Line a baking dish with avocado slices and pour crabmeat mixture over avocado. Sprinkle with bread crumbs and brush with melted butter. Heat until brown, approxi

Arroz Blanco

Put the rice into a bowl and cover with very hot water. Stir once and leave to soak for 10 minutes. Drain, rinse in cold water, and drain again. Heat the oil in a heavy pan. Give the rice a final shake and stir into the fat. Fry over medium heat for about 5 minutes, stirrin

Pork Chile Burritos

Place meat in Dutch oven. Add 1 gallon water and bring to boil. Reduce heat and simmer, covered, until meat is half cooked, about 35 minutes. Drain off water. Add onions, bell peppers, cilantro, tomatoes, garlic powder, salt, cumin, cloves, pepper, bay leaves and chile to meat

Chili Soup

Fry meat and onions until done, add other ingredients, salt and pepper and let simmer the longer the better. Source: Mrs. Dill Rambo, Deavertown Grange, Morgan County, OH     strongServings:1/strong  

Scrumptious Turkey Sandwich

Recipe by: TASTE OF HOME OCT/NOV 95 Spread cranberry sauce on one slice of bread; top with turkey and alfalfa sprouts. Spread cream cheese on the other slice of bread and place over sprouts.     strongServings:1/strong  

Easy Hot Dog Cheese Roll Ups

Take the roll dough and unroll them carefully. Cut each triangle in half. (will need part of the second box; but not all) ; keeping the triangular shape. Then wrap 1/3 or a piece of cheese around the frank and holding it with your fingers start rolling it in the roll. Start br

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Chinese Butterfly

Combine ham, celery, cabbage, mushrooms, onions, eggs, bread crumbs, oysters, sausage and soy sauce in large bowl. Divide the mixture in six equal parts and mound each part evenly on each butterflied chicken breast. Sprinkle paprika on top. Add dried parsley and bake at 350

De Gassing Beans

Here s a method for de gassing dried beans that seems to work. It s from the new book Fat Free, Flavor Full by Dr. Gabe Mirkin and Diana Rich. "Put the beans in a large pot and cover them with water. Bring them to a boil and take them off the heat. This breaks the capsu

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Cottage Cheese Dill Bread

Makes 1 loaf Vegetable oil or melted butter or margarine Combine 1/4 cup of the water, sugar and yeast. Stir to dissolve yeast and let stand until bubbly, about 5 minutes. Fit processor with steel blade. Measure flour, onions, butter, dill weed, salt and s

Tropical dip

Tropical Dip12 macaroons, broken into small pieces1/4 cup brown sugar, packed1 pint sour cream1/3 cup coconutMix sugar, sour cream and coconut until smooth. Stir in macaroons gently. Chill several hours. Do not stir again or crumbs will break down.Yields 1 qu

Banana pudding bread

Banana Pudding Bread2 cups all purpose flour1 cup granulated sugar1 teaspoon baking powder1/8 teaspoon salt 2 eggs, lightly beaten1/3 cup vegetable oil1/4 cup milk1 cup mashed bananas1 cup vanilla pudding, already prepared (regular or instant)P

Weekend waffles

Weekend Waffles2 1/4 cups flour1 package RapidRise® or active yeast3 tablespoons granulated sugar1 teaspoon salt1 cup warm milk (105 degrees F to 115 degrees F)3 large eggs3 tablespoons butter, melted, or vegetable oil2 teaspoons vanilla extractIn a lar

Eagle brand cake

Eagle Brand Cake1 can Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk 1 large container Cool Whip 1 small package pecans 1 (18.25 ounce) box white cake mixBake cake mix as directed in a 13 x 9 inch pan. Poke holes in cooled cake. Pour condensed milk over entire cake. Spread Cool

French Crunch Peach Pie

French Crunch Peach Pie1 pastry for single crust pie2 large eggs1 tablespoon lemon juice1/2 cup granulated sugar45 ounces peach slices in juice, 1 (29 ounce) can    plus 1 (16 ounce) can, drained1 cup vanilla wafer cookies, about 22, crushed1/2 cup toast

Bavarian apple torte

Bavarian Apple TorteuCrust/u1/2 cup butter1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract1/4 cup honey1 cup all purpose flourCream butter, honey and vanilla extract. Blend into flour, pat into greased 9 inch springform pan (bottom and up sides enough to accommodate filling and to

Gold-dusted bourbon pecan balls

Gold Dusted Bourbon Pecan BallsSource: Gourmet, December 19952 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder 3/4 cup plus 1 tablespoon confectioners` sugar 1/4 teaspoon edible gold powder 2 cups vanilla wafer crumbs (from about 55 cookies) 1/2 cup pecans, toasted, cooled, a

Magic broom treats

Magic Broom Treats1 cup granulated sugar1 cup light corn syrup1 cup smooth peanut butter5 cups shredded wheat cereal, crushed1 cup M&M`s (plain)32 (8 inch) pretzel rodsGrease 2 large baking sheets; set aside.In a small saucepan combine sugar and syrup. Bring

Aztec platter

Aztec Platter1 cup quinoa1/2 cup corn, cooked1 lemon, juice3 scallions, minced1 tablespoon olive oil 1 1/2 cups pinto or kidney beans, cooked1 cup tomatoes, diced1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar1/4 cup parsley, chopped Pumpkin seedsOlivesBell peppers

Locustreet bakery chocolate-peanut butter bread

Locustreet Bakery Chocolate Peanut Butter BreadSource: LocuStreet Bakery, San Antonio, TexasSparked with semisweet chocolate chips, it is a break the rules treat for breakfast or a strong argument for fall picnics.1 1/2 teaspoons active dry yeast 1 3/4 cups warm water

Velvet turtle gazpacho

Velvet Turtle GazpachoSource: The Los Angeles Times California Cookbook c.19811 (46 ounce) can tomato juice1 medium green pepper, minced1 small onion, minced1 cucumber, peeled and minced2 small cans green chiles, minced1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce1 tea

White Christmas Jewel Fudge

White Christmas Jewel Fudge3 (6 ounce) packages premium white chocolate 1 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract 1/8 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup chopped green candied cherries 1/2 cup chopped red candied cherries Over low heat, melt c



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