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Valentine Lollipops


2 plastic 6-count lollipop mol
8 oz imported white chocolate
8 oz imported bittersweet chocola
12 lollipop sticks
12 red cellophane bags (optiona
12 gold ribbons (optional)

Lightly oil lollipop molds. In small bowl set over saucepan of
simmering water, stir white chocolate just until melted and smooth.
Remove bowl from over water. In another small bowl set over same
saucepan of simmering water, stir bittersweet chocolate just until
melted and smooth. Cool chocolates slightly. Drizzle small spoonful
of white chocolate into bottom of each mold. Drizzle small spoonful
of bittersweet chocolate over. Using toothpick, swirl chocolates
slightly to marbleize. Repeat layering of chocolates and swirling
until molds are filled. Insert lollipop sticks into groove in molds
and rotate sticks to coat with chocolate. Gently tap molds on work
surface to release air bubbles. Refrigerate lollipops until very
firm, at least 3 hours or overnight. Refrigerate cookie sheets until
chilled. Invert molds onto chilled cookie sheets. Gently bend corners
to release lollipops (it may be necessary to let molds stand 30
seconds and then repeat bending). If desired, insert each lollipop
into cellophane bag and tie decoratively with ribbon. (Lollipops can
be prepared 3 days ahead. Cover tightly and keep refrigerated.)


Servings: 12



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