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Chestnuts For The Holidays


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**** Chestnuts For The Holidays Roasting chestnuts is often a
tradition during the holidays. Storage conditions have to be just
right, not too dry and not too damp. In dry air, they dry out and
lose quality. In warm, damp air, they mold. Store fresh chestnuts in
the refrigerator in a plastic bag with a few ventilation holes
punched in it. Chestnuts can be cooked by roasting, boiling or
steaming. To roast over an open fire, use a long handled popcorn
popper or chestnut roaster. To roast in an oven, try a temperature of
300 degrees Fahrenheit for about
15 minutes. Before roasting, puncture each nut once or twice
with an icepick or a knife. If you fail to do this, pressure from
steam building up inside the shells will cause the nuts to explode,
either before or after they come out of the oven or roaster. To boil
chestnuts, place them in a shallow pan with water that just covers
them. Bring to a boil, reduce the heat and boil gently for 15 to
20 minutes. Drain and partially cool, then remove the kernels
using a sharp tine of a table fork. The longer the nuts cook, the
mealier the kernels become and tend to crumble when removed from the
shells. For especially dry chestnuts, soak them overnight in water
before boiling in fresh water. For steaming, carefully cut fresh,
moist chestnuts in half and cook them in a vegetable steamer over
boiling water for 8 to 10 minutes. Most kernels should fall out of
the shells during cooking. Steamed or boiled nuts can be dipped in
melted butter and salted, if desired, or used in other recipes. Store
cooked chestnuts in tightly sealed jars in the refrigerator for a
month or two or in the freezer for up to a year. (MJM)

Recipe By : USDA Extension Service (Becky Myton)

From: "Sharon L. Nardo" <[email protected]: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 08:30:54


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